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The Story Behind The Name...

About 10 years ago, my mum and I were drinking wine and looking at old photographs of her mother, my grandmother, Julia.  We stumbled across the above photograph as well as a few other pictures, all taken with the same man. On the back of each photo was transcribed, "Moonlight & Eli" in my grandmother's handwriting. I asked my mum who Eli was and she said, "I have no idea!".

I never got to meet my grandmother because she passed away in the 1960's. To this day, we still have no idea who Eli was! All of the people who could have known about Eli would have passed long ago as well...we believe.  The fact that these photos were saved for so many years indicated to us that this man, Eli, held a special place in my grandmother's heart. My mum and I quickly realized that we had a mystery on our hands. A romance mystery!

That day I told my mum that one day I will open a champagne bar and call it Moonlight & Eli because that was the most romantic thing I have ever stumbled across. 

Champagne is the drink most associated with love. Love, like champagne, comes in many shapes and sizes. The bubbles of our sparkling wines perfectly cut through the richness of our cheese fondue. Our intimate and petite space is the perfect backdrop to your very own love story. Paired with our impeccable service; we guarantee that an evening with us will be a chapter in your love story that won't soon be forgotten.