Of course Champagne and fondue, but why Moonlight & Eli

moonlight png people in pic.png

About 10 years ago, my mum and I were drinking wine one night and looking at old photographs of her mother's. Her mother, my Grandmother, was named Julia and I never met her because she died in the 1960's. 

We stumbled across this the photograph to the left as well as a few others of her with the same man. All of the photos was written, "Moonlight & Eli" in my grandmother's handwriting. 

I asked my mum who Eli was and she said, "I have no idea!".

My grandmother was 20 in this picture and a university student studying English in a time when most women didn't get to do the same. 

We have no idea who Eli was and all of the people who could have known Eli would have passed long ago. My mum and I quickly realized that we had a mystery on our hands. A romance mystery! That day I told my mum that one day I will open a Champagne bar and call it Moonlight & Eli because this is the most romantic thing I had ever stumbled across. 

Every day we love celebrating your love with you.