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Connecting Dots

Of course champagne & Fondue!But why Moonlight & Eli?

We weren't trying to find a "cool" name. We weren't looking for a name at all. It just, happened, and its a mystery!

About 10 years ago my mum and I were drinking wine and looking through her mums photos. She died in the 60's, so I never met her. As we were looking we found this photo. On it, my grandmother had written “Moonlight & Eli”. Eli is not my grandfather! I asked my mum who Eli was, she has no idea. 

Julia, my grandmother, Moonlight if you will, was 20 when this photo was taken. She was going to University. It was 1935. All we can surmise is that the word Moonlight was as atmospheric then as it is now. But did they meet in the Moonlight? Or did he call her Moonlight? All of a sudden we had a romance mystery on our hands!! Anyone who would have known about Eli passed away long ago. So we are left with nothing but questions. But how romantic! She kept the photographs all those years!

I looked at my mum and said “This is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen, one day I’m going to open a Champagne bar and name it “Moonlight & Eli”. And I did!

Champagne is the drink most associated with love. Love, like champagne, comes in many forms. The bubbles of our sparkling wines perfectly cut through the richness of our cheese fondue. Our intimate and petite spaces are the perfect backdrop to your very own love story. We endeavour to provide you with an evening that will be a chapter in your love story. One not soon forgotten. 

We are collecting love stories. These stories are what keep the world going around. If you would like to, please send us your stories and a photo if you have it! We hope to keep a archive of what it is to be human, of love XOXO

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